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Budgeting… the Government’s way April 16, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.

I’ve never understood something when it comes to our Government and spending.  You see, like most people these days, I live on a budget.  If something happens and I have to restructure my budget to allow for the new item(s) I start by looking at things I can cut back on.  I start with frivolous items such as dining out or  entertainment.

The point is that I approach a new expense in a way that appears foreign to our Government.  For as long as I can remember, when faced with increased costs or new programs the very first response is to look at how funds can be raised to cover the expense.  I can’t think of a time when someone introduced legislation that created a new agency or program and allowed for that new program through the elimination or scaling back of another.

I can imagine this approach to budgeting and apply it to my own life.  Let’s see, I really need to get my car repaired so I will simply march into my boss’ office and petition for a raise.  Even assuming I get my raise to cover the cost of my car repair, let’s imagine a few months later I have to pay for veterinarian services.  I make my pilgrimage to my boss’ office again…  I don’t think I need to point out that this approach to budgeting isn’t likely to meet with much success over the long term.

So why is it that we continue to accept this behavior from our Government?  Fine, we need <new program A> so we will cut back on <old program A> and <old program B>.  We might even need to eliminate.  At the very least we can focus on prevention of fraud/waste and abuse in our programs, right?

Yet all of this seems to escape our elected officials.  Checks continue to be written on the hopes that we will somehow find a way to pay down the road.



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