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Reflections April 16, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.

Having had some time to review details of the bill, I’m not as apoplectic as some.  In fact, I see some very beneficial items in the bill.  Strike that, I see a lot of beneficial items.But then, that was never the issue in my view. We now have a law (OK, it’s not official at this moment… but it will be on President Obama’s desk in hours) that separates us as a nation and as citizens.  On one hand, we have a law that clearly allows more coverage for more people than was available before.  To some, that is all they need to know to consider the law good and just.  I, on the other hand, have to consider how this coverage is paid for and how it will impact the medical community.

I look back at the creative process that gave birth to what we now know as Medicare and I look at the projections given at that time. Those projections indicated that Medicare would come to $9Billion by the year 1990… the actual cost was $67Billion. Oooops.

There are other examples.  So many, in fact, that government and efficiency are considered antonyms.  Our government’s ability to continually underestimate costs and overestimate their ability to meet those costs has become late night television fodder.  Sure, maybe it will be different this time.  Maybe the CBO projections will finally be on target…will finally be accurate… will finally reflect unforeseen and unintended consequences.  Maybe they’ve finally taken all factors into consideration and presented us with an equitable and solvent mandate.

Given their track record… I weep for our children’s future.  Another “oooops” and our future generations get stuck with a tab they cannot possibly hope to pay.  That is what sends chills down my spine.



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