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I am I… April 19, 2010

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John Stossel recently wrote an article addressing the issue of labels that we tend to place on ourselves and others when it comes to political views.  I had always found conflicting information with respect to definitions on such relatively simple concepts as “conservative” or “liberal” and, hence, conflicting points of view with regard to how I felt on any given topic.

I am for the legalization of drugs and prostitution, and I’m pro choice (I don’t care for abortion, I just believe it is not for anyone else save the pregnant woman to determine what she does or does not do with respect to her body) and pro same-sex marriage.  I must therefore be a liberal.

I am also anti gun control; I support free markets and a capitalist economy and strongly believe in personal accountability with respect to one’s actions.  I believe in a strong national defense (but not in using that defensive power to influence or “police” other nations unless our national security is threatened).  I must therefore be a conservative.

In truth I don’t believe in labels.  People are not defined by the names we assign to them.  Our actions and our beliefs define who we are.

Above all, I believe in the freedoms envisioned by our nation’s Founding Fathers.  I firmly believe in the concept of limited government and I believe each of us should be afforded the freedom to succeed or fail based on our abilities and/or work ethic.  I must therefore be an American… and that’s one label I continue to embrace proudly.



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