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Changing my mind… April 28, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.

When I first read/heard about the new law passed in AZ, I thought it represented a horrific turn in immigration policy.  The more I learned about the details of the law, however, the more I realized that it isn’t quite as despicable as presented through many media outlets.

Rather than allowing law enforcement to pull someone over based strictly on their appearance, the law simply allows law enforcement to take the additional step of checking immigration status during a normal stop.  In other words, without some reason to pull a person over, law enforcement won’t look at anyone any differently than before this law went into effect.  It only comes into play when and if that person then cannot produce valid ID.  But that goes for anyone.  This doesn’t “target” anyone!  If I get pulled over, I have to produce valid license and registration as well.  If I cannot, I generally receive a summons to court so that I may prove I am who I say I am and I do indeed have the credentials to operate the vehicle.


I found this cartoon puts things into perspective.  This law doesn’t appear nearly as draconian as at first glance.  There are a couple of  well written articles concerning the topic found here and here.  Clarification on what the law does and does not entail can be heard from the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President, Mark Spencer here.



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