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Basketball…a game of political chess May 12, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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When I first heard about this story, I thought it must be a joke.  Surely, nobody would be so insensitive… so illogical…as to mix girls basketball with AZ state legislation.  I was, apparently, mistaken.

Highland Park

Allow me to introduce District 113 Superintendent George Fornero and District 113 Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson.  Voicing their displeasure with Arizona’s recent law through the only means at their disposal, they justify their decisions by emphasizing “security concerns”.   Strange then, that these same District 113 personnel would have no problem at all sending this same girls basketball team to other locations.

“The school has sent children to China, they’ve sent children to South America, they’ve sent children to the Czech Republic, but somehow Arizona is more unsafe for them than those places”  – Michael Evans, a father of one of the players

So, apparently, the folks at District 113 would rather send their team to China, South America or the Czech Republic before sending them to Arizona.  That is quite a statement in terms of where they feel security is at.

Mr. Fornero and Ms. Hebson should be ashamed of themselves for injecting politics where it has no business.  These young ladies had put forth a lot of effort and it was crushed beneath the heels of a bureaucracy that wanted to make a statement.


Dr. George V. Fornero
Administrative Center
1040 Park Ave West
Highland Park, IL 60035

Phone: (224) 765-1000
email: gfornero@dist113.org

Suzan Hebson #224 765-1000



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