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And so it continues… May 19, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.

As I noted in my previous entry, incumbents are particularly vulnerable to the anti-establishment mood sweeping this nation.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle ignore this at their peril.  As we move closer to the November elections, I suspect campaigning will reach survival of the fittest levels.

Democrats are inclined to believe this is simple Republican backlash and that it will burn itself out.  I tend to disagree.  People are simply tired of politics as usual from BOTH parties.  False promises and half-truths, regardless of party affiliation, are a stinky cologne. President Obama ran on a platform of change… and he failed to deliver that change.  Rather than focus on jobs, as he had promised during his campaign, he switched gears and made Health-care Reform a priority.  Don’t get me wrong, Health-care Reform is indeed an important issue and we should indeed have that debate… but the prioritization was wrong.  We did not elect him into office to pass Health-care Reform… we made it clear that J-O-B-S was our number one concern. We, the American people, were deceived.

What we see at the moment is politics exactly as it has been (remember how his administration was going to be more open?…ask the White House press corps how that is going).  The American people have had enough.  We want honesty from our elected officials.  Even if you have to deliver bad news, have the decency to do it as opposed to fiscal trickery and media manipulation.  Do not look us in the eyes and say one thing and then act to the contrary as soon as you get into office.

It’s going to be interesting to see how willing Pres. Obama is to stick his neck out for those who voted for his bill in November.  He promised loyalty and solidarity…it failed to materialize for Arlen Spector despite assurances from the WH to the contrary.  Seems to be a pattern here somewhere…



1. Mark - May 20, 2010

Whether this is a “Republican Backlash” or a 8-12 year run of a Republican majority, there is no saving our way of life or perhaps even the country as we know it. The groundwork for this was slowly laid starting was back with the “New Deal”, and picked up speed during the 70’s. I’ve been watching and shaking my head as we have ALL become more and more dependant on the Government. I’ve watched debt grow, with no possibility of it ever being repaid. I see kids graduate high school that can’t read or do simple math (We are being surpassed by so many countries in math and science that we are becoming the dunderheads of the modern world).
There is, unfortunately, no stopping the decline of America AND the rest of free world. Politicians on BOTH sides care about nothing more other than staying elected and retaining thier power (Reagan seemed to be exempt from this…can we clone him please? Nancy must have some fingernail clippings or a lock of hair SOMEWHERE).
If anyone DARE suggest we should secure our borders…TRULEY secure them, that person is branded a racist. Washington is afraid of losing the hispanic vote by closing the floodgates from Mexico. Terrorists and other dangerous folk can almost walk across our boders at will…amazing…that our leaders are this stupid and uncaring for the country they are SWORN to protect.
We are done. We are finished. There is NO stopping it. None. So kick back, open a beer (which I’m sure will be attacked after they are finished taking away our freedom to smoke and eat anything but granola) light a cigar and watch the fireworks that are sure to come. Someone once said, “May you live in interesting time”…well, I believe this qualifies…

2. ev0rev - May 20, 2010

The next 10 – 20 are likely to see a very different world than the one we grew up with. Our children are blissfully ignorant so far.

I actually believe we can still affect sufficient change to save ourselves…but it won’t come until enough people truly understand the magnitude of the problem. Our society still cares more about who won American Idol than the events transpiring in Greece.

Who knows, maybe there’s a bliss to the ignorance.

3. Mark - May 21, 2010

I don’t see it taking that long. Our debt will equal 90% of our GDP by 2020, according to current estimates. I believe these estimates to be off. We are going to hit that point earlier than predicted, 2015 at the latest. When the Congress “Flips” in November, it may be slowed down some, but it seems that Washington’s solution to every problem is to throw more money at it.
Other countries are in worse shape than us. Greece is in the news, but it’s not the only country teetering on the brink. The financial unification of the europe under the euro was a mistake. These countries are still out for themselves, which is understandable, but 2 or 3 countries dragging the others down will cause the ones that are stable to bail them out in order to keep the euro as a unified currency strong. This will cause the countries that are currently stable to slip further down the slope. Add to that the fact that the US also must put its 2 cents (multiplied by many billions) in, drags us down with them. These actions are just band-aids on a terribly bleeding wound.
The ecomnomic state of the entire world is a snowball rolling down a very steep hill. The problems will grow and gain speed as time goes on. The current “recovery” is artificial…it is only a matter of time before the DOW implodes on itself and we drop to a level that makes the last drop look like a light rain. It will happen very quick and relitively soon. I give it 5 years tops.

Also…I’d like to see every American go to Walmart and buy a $5 calculator and send it to Obama…The man does not seem to know simple math…:)

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