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38th Parallel and the Chinese connection May 25, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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As tensions rise in Korea over increasing evidence that North Korea was responsible for the destruction of a South Korean Naval vessel, it is the Chinese who may ultimately hold the key to dissipating the tensions.  China has long provided valuable trade,  food and fuel to the reclusive regime.

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton’s current trip to China comes at a critical point.  How China responds could determine her role on the global stage going forward.

I can’t say I’m encouraged when I read…

Appearing on another program aired by Hong Kong’s Phoenix television on Tuesday, Clinton and Treasury Secretary Geithner, the U.S. co-chairs of the official talks, sounded like a comedy team at times as they spoke about their moviegoing and hair-care habits, the importance of child-rearing and nutrition, and other non-controversial topics.

… and I’m quite sure the Chinese find such buffoonery condescending and insulting.  They certainly aren’t going to respect our politicians so I guess entertainment/amusement is the next best thing.

Amendment: Well, I suppose it comes as no surprise that the Chinese completely blew off any of our concerns regarding Korea.

Cartoon by Rodney Gordon



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