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At Least He’s Consistant June 1, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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So Jesse Jackson has finally come out with his opinion regarding AZ SB1070.  I can’t say that I’m surprised but this is getting really old.  Will someone against this law please actually READ it before forming an opinion?

It is a punitive, negative, unconstitutional law, which presumes guilt and selectively punishes Latinos,” Jackson commented.

How, exactly, does this law “presume guilt”  Mr. Jackson?  The law very clearly states that subjects may only be questioned or detained after being apprehended carrying out a crime.  And as far as “selectively punishes Latinos”… I got news for you Jesse, if a crime is being committed I don’t believe law enforcement is asking themselves if the perpetrator is black, white, grey, green or plaid.  They are going to apprehend him or her and THEN begin the process of identifying them.

If that person happens to be of Latino descent but has a valid U.S. drivers license then, for immigration purposes, the process stops (the criminal charges are another matter entirely, of course).  Let me re-emphasize that point, because it is an important one… if a person of Latino descent gets pulled over (for a traffic stop, as an example) and can produce a valid drivers license/registration, then that person will be issued a citation for the traffic violation and that is all.  Just like anyone else in this nation.  Conversely if the apprehended individual were white with blond hair and blue eyes and yet could produce no valid forms of identification, then he/she would be subject to further review and potential deportation (again, criminal charges are a separate issue entirely)… JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE UNDER THE LAW.

So yes, it is possible to read into the law that profiling will take place and Latinos will be unfairly scrutinized.  Doing so, however, completely ignores the law as written and assumes that our law enforcement officers have nothing better to do than cruise around looking to round-up any/all wayward illegals.

Here is a link to the law… I’d welcome anyone who can point out where in the law it says that consideration of race, color or any other physical criteria  can be used to detain or prosecute someone.



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