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Best of Intentions or Public Relations Coup? Maybe a little of both… June 2, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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Some thoughts regarding the recent Israeli/Turkish/Palestinian dust-up:

1. The boats were clearly doing this as some great PR stunt and not just to deliver humanitarian aid. The presence of major activist celebrities and Al Jazeera on board should be a clear sign that this was something a little more than advertised.

2. Israel invited all the boats to deliver their humanitarian aid to another port for inspection and delivery of goods.

3. It seems rather silly to attempt to violate a blockade without realizing it’s a risky and potentially explosive endeavor. I recognize that the legitimacy of the blockade is questionable. The blockade is certainly a debatable point. But announcing your plan on running the blockade and refusing alternative solutions… it begs the question, “why?”.
4. The other 5 ships obeyed. There was no confrontation and they delivered their aid.  Not that Hamas has felt the need to allow it to be delivered.

5. The activists claim that as soon as they Israelis boarded the 6th boat they started shooting. So far, the footage I have seen contradicts those claims. The footage clearly shows the troops fast roping down into a hostile crowd armed with pipes and throwing one of the commandos overboard. If you are going to attack armed soldiers (from any army) with knives and iron bars, then you are going to get shot at.

The blockade on Gaza is at the center of this latest controversy. Air strikes, the incursions and ultimately the invasion of Gaza by Israel are all a direct response to the indiscriminate rocketing by Hamas.

If someone in Germany, for example, was firing rockets indiscriminately at Britain because they considered themselves to be at war (as Hamas consideres itself at war with Israel); we would expect Britain to go in and stop them.  That seems fairly logical.  Hamas has made a habit of launching these rocket attacks into Israel and then hiding among the residents of Gaza.  They do not wear uniforms, so weeding them out is virtually impossible.

Yet the reality of those attacks remains.  What would any nation do if  it were subject to routine strikes in a similar manner?  What if Mexico routinely launched rocket attacks into the city of El Paso or San Diego?  Would we expect to react any differently than Israel has?

How utterly hypocritical.

This was a very carefully orchestrated propaganda event by select groups with a specific agenda. A superb coup for Hamas. Israel fell for it hook, line and sinker. The international community is up in arms.

I will agree that poverty and lack of basic rights to education, employment, and self-government of the Palestinians is an atrocity that must be addressed immediately. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that those basic rights were lost the moment they embraced Hamas as a governing body and allowed their homes to be used as launch platforms for war materiel.  Again… Hamas is refusing the delivery of the very aid they claim Gaza so desperately needs.



1. David - June 8, 2010


…very well written article. And I’d second a rebuke of Turkey over the incident.

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