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Tragedy In Motion June 15, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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As I watch President Obama address the nation tonight, I can’t help but wonder if he truly just doesn’t “get it” or if he’s simply posturing for the sake of politics.  He’s apparently appointed an oil-cleanup-czar now… because having more bureaucrats standing over the shoulders of scientists and engineers is the best way to solve this crisis.

In the beginning, when he truly could have been effective in accepting help from the Dutch and building berms/artificial reefs to slow or prevent intrusion into marshlands or deploying the miles of booms that might have helped contain the oil early on… he did nothing save stamp his foot and wag his finger at anyone remotely associated with the event.

At just about every turn he’s chosen to make a poor decision with regard to what might have saved ecological subsystems and saved jobs.  He’s appointed the Sec. of the Navy to “develop a long-term Gulf Coast restoration plan as soon as possible.”.  Because that is exactly what the Sec. of the Navy is best at, right?  I sometimes wonder who our President is surrounding himself with.  His cabinet/advisers appear to be incompetent at the very least.

Mr. President… please… feel free to take some much needed advice from someone who truly thinks you can use a helping hand here.  Stop the posturing, the posing, the threats.  This isn’t a war, despite your best attempts at drawing such a parallel. Deploy any/all assets at your disposal to contain/minimize the damage as best that our available resources will allow.  Let BP worry about the efforts to stop the flow of oil… focus on doing everything you can to secure your people and the land.



1. ev0rev - June 16, 2010

Just to expand on my post. President Obama has done a poor job of addressing the needs of his own people with respect to this disaster.

Using Abraham Maslow’s concept of Heirarchy of Needs, I suspect it’s safe to say that many people in the Gulf region are focused on the 1st two layers. The president can mobilize assistance to address those areas of need. That’s something he could have and should have done probably about 40 days ago.


I’m relieved to see that there is finally some action with regard to putting money in the pockets of those affected in a more efficient/expeditious manner. Whether that comes from BP directly or through local/state/national Government sources is irrelevant, the fact that it gets out soonest should be the primary factor.

Let’s worry about recouping the costs from BP after it’s all said and done.

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