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A Sad, Sad Day… June 17, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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I’m at a loss to explain why this gentleman felt the need to apologize to BP CEO Tony Hayward for anything.  I have no rational explanation and am deeply offended.

For the record, today’s hearing was a complete travesty.  Mr. Hayward was poorly prepared and furnished nothing of value.  If his board doesn’t demand his resignation immediately there is no justice in this world.  The display I witnessed was beyond pathetic.  At one point Tony Hayward dared to say that he understood what the people along the coast were feeling and going through.  How DARE he!  Mr. Hayward, I would submit that you have no idea what many of those people are going through.  You don’t have a right to claim that knowledge or empathy… you are simply not in a position to share that kind of empathy.

Mr. Hayward… you and others in the BP hierarchy are completely out of touch with reality.  There comes a time to do the right thing…and that time has long since past…so at least have the decency to do the right thing under the current conditions and acknowledge that you have handled this tragedy about as poorly as possible from day 1 and you are stepping down as CEO of BP effective immediately.



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