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Economic Policy… Lessons Learned August 27, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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Economic policy has been a hallmark of American innovation and inspiration for generations.  Our principles of economic freedom and stable growth have been an example for the rest of the world… until now.  As a recent NYTimes article so accurately points out, we ignore the lessons of the past at our own peril.

We’ve abandoned those economic principles that served us so well in the past while, ironically, it has been one of our closest economic and political allies that has taken up those economic policies.  While we founder in a recession that shows little sign of ending anytime soon,  Germany has not only survived the recession but appears to be on a path of recovery.

It should be noted that if we do indeed re-enter another recession cycle (a double dip) then Germany might once again also see turbulent times.  Ultimately, however, they appear to be in a far more advantageous position for dealing with prolonged economic troubles than we are.   The sad part is, they are in that position because they are executing lessons learned from our model while we’ve abandoned that example.



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