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I’ll Have That Beer To Go, Please… August 11, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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As the now infamous Mr. Slater’s story continues to resonate with the American public, I’ve noticed a disturbing phenomenon.   While there is virtually universal support for Mr. Slater, especially in light of the events leading up to his unscheduled departure, there are those that find his actions objectionable.  Fair enough, I can understand someone finding Mr. Slater’s actions reckless and potentially harmful and in complete contradiction to his training not to mention company policy.

There are an increasing number, however, that have become critical of his actions simply because of his… “alternative lifestyle”.  That surprises me and shames me at the same time.

Look, criticize the man for his actions, fine.  I’ll still think you have a limited capacity toward humor and I’ll likely disagree with your perspective on the event(s)… but I will at least understand your point of view.   But to find fault with his actions based solely on something as irrelevant to the topic as his personal lifestyle… that strikes me as truly unfortunate.  Can we not, in this day and age, learn to look at a person’s actions separately from their skin color, lifestyle, ethnicity, etc.?

What he did was either incredibly funny, outlandish, childish, irresponsible … or any mix of these or other adjectives.  But to form opinions on those actions based on whom he lives with or what he does privately is irrelevant at best.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions of what took place, of course.  All I ask is that those opinions be limited to the events leading up to, during and immediately after the incident took place.  Can we not just appreciate them for what they are?  They reflect us as a society, after all.  And I, personally, find that more than a bit humorous.  I know that the next time I fly I will very likely glance at the flight attendant… maybe follow that up with a quick peek at the emergency exit closest to me… and think of Mr. Slater’s exploits with a grin on my face.

That cannot be a bad thing.