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The Racist Within July 19, 2010

Posted by ev0rev in Politics.
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I have stayed away from the NAACP/ Tea Party uproar, primarily because no matter what your position is you tend to look like a racist. Why?  Because anytime someone disagrees with your position now, rather than look at the issue itself and intelligently debate the topic it’s far easier and more effective to label the opposition “racist” and focus shifts immediately from prior issues to this singular topic.  It’s a topic that has no winners but has plenty of victims.

For all of the  focus on who founded the Tea Party or who makes contributions to its efforts, no solid evidence has been presented to show that the Tea Party is a racist organization.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are certainly racists within the Tea Party movement.  Of that I am absolutely positive.  Is there a disproportionate number of racists within the organization than that found in society as a whole?  I have yet to see any numbers supporting that assertion.

Yet the NAACP, who’s very NAME proudly proclaims a racist bias (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People… not people, in general… not Americans… but only colored people) would have you believe that the Tea Party movement is one step removed from the Arian Brotherhood or the KKK.

I’ve followed the Tea Party through many media sources and admittedly subscribe to many of its views (namely the push for smaller/more efficient Government and frugal spending).  I would NEVER support an organization that condoned much less had racist views a part of its charter.  The movement is a political one, dealing exclusively with change.  Not the false change as advertised by President Obama during his campaign.  In my research incumbents are scrutinized regardless of skin color.  Their ability to balance a budget, keep promises made, look their constituents in the eye and tell them the truth, not just what they want to hear… those are the values being looked at by Tea Party members, not the color of a persons skin.

Yet if a white person were to approach the NAACP regarding assistance on an issue I somehow doubt they’d receive similar consideration.  I believe the color of a person’s skin would factor very much in how they were received and their issue heard.  In my opinion, the average Tea Party member cares far less about the color of a person’s skin than the NAACP does.  And yet it continues to be the Tea Party and its members who fall under scrutiny and are forced to purge the “bad elements” from its ranks.  Maybe we, as a society, should hold the NAACP to the same standard.

Addendum:  As the fallout from Shirley Sherrod’s dismissal continue to reverberate through the media, I can’t help but point out that it serves to illustrate my point.  Rather than take evidence and weigh it as is proper, she was removed from her position based solely on the perception of impropriety.  The focus shifted from the act itself to race and all of the negative attention/connotations that carries.  Once you take away the ability to discuss a given issue and examine all points of view and shift the focus away from that issue, the issue itself never gets the attention it deserves since race becomes the focal point.  Mrs. Sherrod’s actions/statements became irrelevant in favor of saving face over the possible bad press.  There was precious little interest in hearing her point of view on events and that is the real tragedy here.  Truth and integrity took a back seat to politics and injustice.